Expand Your Preschooler’s Mind
As They Gain Self-Awareness

Space For Your Child To Learn, Play, And Develop With Confidence In Their Budding Skills

Expand Your Preschooler’s Mind As They Gain Self-Awareness

Space For Your Child To Learn, Play, And Develop With Confidence In Their Budding Skills

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Give Your Preschooler The Freedom To Explore

Children need space to learn, grow, and explore with freedom, and your preschooler benefits from an open space where they gain independence and uncover the world around them.

Outdoor Play Your Preschooler Loves

Your child is growing daily, and play is essential in developing motor skills and healthily interacting with others. An outdoor playground keeps them moving and maintaining physical activity daily.

Empower Your Preschooler With School Skills

Your child develops school skills that prepare them for their next level and help them become confident learners. Exploratory play, experience-based learning, pre-writing, and pre-reading skills help them feel ready and confident to excel.

Exciting Art, Music, And Spanish Daily Enrichments

Your preschooler is exposed to enrichments like Art, Music, Spanish, Mandarin, and Coding, sparking their creativity and developing their interests. They get to listen to music like soft rock and observe different forms of expression.

No worries, we help with potty training!

Cultivate Your Preschooler With Multicultural Activities

Your child is exposed to cultures and ethnicities worldwide by participating in themed days like Multicultural Mondays, and they also build cognitive skills with Robotics Fridays.

Academic Readiness Starts With STEAM Learning

As your child climbs the academic ladder, they learn essential elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) that help build their cognitive strength and feel confident in their knowledge when it’s time to advance to their next level.

Play That Strengthens Gross Motor Skills

Your preschooler is continually growing and discovering the world around them. Gymnastics mats, climbers, and rollers help make sure they develop their motor skills correctly and stay engaged and physically active.

Qualified Teachers For Effective Learning

Teachers are equipped with the education and background necessary to teach your preschooler in every area of learning and prepare them to learn at a higher level across subject areas that they’ll soon cover.

Exciting Field Trips That Your Preschooler Loves

Field trips are a fantastic way to help your little one discover the world around them. Your child goes on exciting field trips like visiting fire trucks and police cars, seeing reptiles, and more.

Hear What Parents Have To Say

"Kidz Korner was a perfect place for my son"
The environment provided was nurturing, academically sound, safe, fun and exciting. My son loved being there and would always be excited about going.

Denise D. McClellan

"They combine learning with play which makes for the perfect environment"
And bonus, Kidz Korner now serves lunches which are nutritious and also tasty, which relieves parents from having to pack lunch every day!

Tamika Scott

"My son loves being at his second home."
The staff teaches and reinforces curriculum that is being taught in school for school age students. Thank you Kidz Korner Team for loving and caring for my precious treasure.

Darshell Wiggins

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